Name: Robert Saravanan Hedlerfog aka Dreamrealist/theDreamrealist. (former name ‘Robert Saravanan Svensson’)

Born 1971 in Chennai/Madras. Adopted to Sweden in 1975. From a children’s home in Sengalpet (Madras/Chennai Area) together with his 4 year older sister.

Childhood from the happy 80:ies. The MTV, Michael Jackson, Madonna and the electronic music era. Pacman, the Vectrex and Atari console games, the ZX81, the ZX Spectrum, Vic-20, C64, Amiga and Atari, Apple, PC, the home-computer revolution. Russia – USA conflict, the cold war era. When Björn Borg & Ingemar Stenmark still ruled. Robert was called ‘Mr. Amiga’ during those years due to the extensive dealing and wheeling with Amiga computers, PC Computers, Apple Computers and games/software.

Lived in: India, Chennai region, Sweden & Denmark/Copenhagen, Scotland/Edinburgh

Travelled/worked/studied/biked/competed: Norway(1+), Denmark (100+), Spain(1+), Netherlands (1+), Bahamas, USA(1+), England (1+), Germany (10+), Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, France (1+), Egypt (1+), India(1+), Austria, Scotland, Prague/Czech Republic, Qatar, Moscow/Russia, Thailand, Poland

Gaming, Trading & Design in my blood

Played his first electronic game (Pacman) at the age of 9. Played chess since the age of 10. Played and analyzed chess computers since the age of 10 (Prodigy and Boris 2.5). Completed the first pioneering Star Battle Simulator; Star Raiders at the age of 10 (scored best possible rank: ‘Star Commander’). Read English computer magazines from the age of 10. Took his first programming course, on an ABC 80, in 1981. Got his first computer, a ZX81, in 1982 from a USA inspired neighbour who early saw potential in Robert.

Involved in gaming/games, design, business development & trading of IT equipment & problem solving since early childhood. Was a contributor for the first Swedish adventure game magazine (S.Ä.K.) at the age of 12 and a documented champion in solving classic text based Adventure games in English from early age. Started IT related business in 1986 while still in school. Imported computers from England and Germany at the age of 13 and forward.

During a period (age:13-28) he worked with IT related import and brokerage business along with studies and other jobs in between for about 15 years, before he decided to do focused studies in AI at Lund University and Malmö University where he studied Creative Writing, Cognitive Science, English, French, Philosophy, Rhetorics, Software Engineering, Web-technology, Content Management and Artificial Intelligence for Robots, Games and Applications.

Chess – A lifetime hobby

He was among the top junior chess players in South Sweden at the age of 11-15. He became a regional speed chess junior champion in South Sweden in 1984, won as a junior player, a class III, non-junior group in his first Swedish Championship play in 1986 in Malmö. Won as junior against a Swedish Grandmaster/Champion (Johnny Hector) giving a simultaneous exhibition in 1986. He made an InterRail backpack & chess trip in Europe, 1989 and later in 1997, a Greyhound bus/rented car US road-trip to Internet chess friends and study friends to many parts of USA.


Played Lichtenstein Open together with his best friend, from the same chess club in Helsingborg (HG-Schack) and later went to Suisse, Italy, France, UK, Netherlands among other countries. Formed a Lund University chess team to enter the Internet chess university league (ICCL) in 1997, and became international University team champions. Founded a chess club, Café Ariman chess friends, during study period at Lund University. Robert was a chess computer operator at FICS (Free Internet chess Club) between 1997-1999. In 1996 Robert co-invented, co-developed, coordinated and co-produced the first JAVA Chess applet with a University programmer class mate. Robert demonstrated outdoor live online play on a big TV chessboard at the Malmö festival of 1996. This technology combination would later be worldwide standard for chess gaming online and still is.

He advanced to a class I chess player, in 1998. Qualified to play his first regular tournament game against a Super Grandmaster (Nick De Firmian), in round three, in Malmö Open 2001.

Robert won against a Master Elite level player, with 2250 Elo in Malmö Open 2001. Due to research studies and work, Robert took a break from competitive chess for some years. He later made a comeback and played in the Swedish Chess Championship, 2010, Lund, as class 1 player, with a rating of 2001, and won against Master level player Jacob Flyckt, with a rating of 2032, (winner of the class 1 group, loosing only to Robert). Robert recently won against an international Master and a Candidate Master in an international blitz chess tournament in May, 2014, Halmstad, Sweden, and is pursuing qualified chess results in rapid and blitz chess and standard tournament chess continuously. He recently played in the European Championship for Rapid and Blitz Chess in Wroclaw in 2014 and in the Scottish Blitz Championship in 2013, Edinburgh.

Branding & Design –  Constant field of understanding and learning, by doing, study and research

At 20 he started a Desktop Publishing Company, and worked with text, design and marketing/branding for his own company and for clients (consulting service). A field he has kept learning in with passion throughout his life. Currently he is studying Post Graduate studies in Advanced English, Creative Writing and Design & Media at Malmö University. He has designed many artefacts, as Chess sets (metal and plastic/wood), jeans (re-design), logotypes, webpages, movie posters, wood sculptures, shoes, shirts, games, software interfaces.

24294266_1490323011017120_237862119117573118_n (1)He has among many other work experiences, worked as Content Manager/Art Director and Copywriter for an international Software Company in Sweden (Nilex), Helsingborg and as Content Manager, Copywriter and Social Media/News Manager for an international mobile AI tech company in Malmö, Sweden (Crunchfish). And also had other positions in the field as freelancer or hired in house for various roles in the field. He has with his work, helped companies win Social Media Awards and has been actively involved in re-invention and re-branding of companies with documented and praised results through his roles and senior experience in the field.Screenshot 2019-01-31 at 10.14.08

Chess Journalist, Writer & Blogger, Mind & Chess Coach & Philosopher

Robert is currently, in his free time, a chess journalist/blogger and coaching talented chess-kids, writing a book about quick chess development, a universal opening system, creative attack chess and a new improved chess variant to combat computers domination over humans in chess. Robert researches since many years back in the field of Cognitive Science, Mental Training, Problem Solving and write articles, and update regularly in this field in his Lifestyle & Cognition Enhancement blog, pages and groups. He also developed his own Philosophy body of work, step by step, explaining the world and the Universe from his Dreamrealist perspective.

Found family & roots

Backpack travelled with his older biological sister to India 1992 and met his biological parents and kid sister.

Once again, backpack travelled in India in 1994, this time spending considerable time at his mother’s and kid sister’s village, and spent time with his indian family, learning Tamil culture, Yoga, meditation and some of the language. After that he study visited the newly started Microsoft center in New Delhi, 1994, which made impact. Decided there and then to study at an university in Sweden and chose AI and Cognitive Processes within the fields of Computer science and Cognitive science.

Fascination for AI & cognitive processes

AI & problem solving, have been subjects that naturally came early into Robert’s life, and have been strong revisiting themes throughout his life, personality, work-career and academic career. Starting early in childhood with playing and solving board and computer games. Later solving verbal adventure game puzzles in English, chess computer analysis and fascination for computers. Continuing with competing in chess, Rubik’s cube and other general puzzles at early age with friends and during his free time after school. Trying to understand the underlying principles of efficient thinking to solve problems and understand the heuristics behind adopted thinking strategies and processes. In 1990, Robert did a research project and graduation paper on Artificial and Human Intelligence. Later at the University, some years later, Robert did another paper about the computer as tool for your mind. The fascination for Artificial intelligence, the challenge of simulating a brain but also the ethical concerns in AI, has been on Robert’s mind since he got interested in the subject as a kid, playing around with chess computers of that time. Robert has a cat named AIA, pictured below.

He also decided to study complementary subjects, like English, French, creative Swedish, mathematics, philosophy, business economics and rhetorics, among other subjects, to get an all-round education suiting a software entrepreneur and an AI researcher. The shift from hardware to software was made and that course has been followed ever since.


Writing  – a lifetime calling and passion

Since very early childhood Robert has been fascinated in literature of various kinds. As a child Robert wrote fairytale stories and read most of the children’s books in the local libraries. Robert love the classics, and is greatly inspired by the classic writers, Orwell, Wilde, Dickens, Verne, Tolkien, Lewis, Blyton, Poe, Twain, Lindgren, Doyle, among many others.

Robert is in his free time, writing in various fields and forms, to constantly get better at the languages he choose to write in, which currently are, English and Swedish. He learns from the masters of the past and now, as well as through colleagues and professionals in each field. His ambition is that his writing will have impact on the world in a positive and pragmatic way. He writes for change and look at his writing as a calling.

Robert S. Hedlerfog | – Writing for change!

Freelance Writer, Poet, Copywriter, Scriptwriter, Journalist in various fields.

He is open for most kind of writing, especially for a good cause. That is where Robert does his best work. See his writer blog and site for more information if you are interested in hiring Robert for writing positions, projects or services.

International networking, work & travel

In 1984-1989, Robert imported home computers from Germany and GB. In 1989 Robert backpack travelled and played chess tournaments in Europe. In 1992 and 1994 he backpack travelled in Egypt, Thailand & India. In 1997 he travelled to USA and met some of the many internet chess server and university chess team friends he made during the last 3 years that passed. As a graduate student he stayed 2,5 years in an Architect professor’s house (Lennart-Axel Grip), and met and lived together with exchange students from all over the world.Robert later moved to a student dorm at Sparta, Lund University Campus, and got to know even more exchange students from all over the world, whom some of them he went to visit on his second backpack trip to Europe, in 2000. In 2011 Robert worked (assisting scriptwriting and still photography) with a south Indian movie team, eMotion Pictures, director Vipin Krishnan and his team, in Kerala, India.

Travelled to: USA twice, Bahamas, Spain (several times), Mallorca, Canary Islands, France (many times), Suisse (twice), Austria (twice), Lichtenstein, Germany (many times), Denmark (many times), Norway (many times), Finland, Netherlands, UK (many times), Russia, Thailand (twice), India (thrice), Africa, Egypt (twice). Italy (twice). South Korea. Scotland, Czech Republic, Poland and more.

Work experience & Academic training

Besides running his own business, he worked at IKEA in 1992, and other sales positions. Later got a chance to coordinate a pilot Internet technology project for HSB/LTH-byggfunktion at the Malmö festival, in 1996. Worked for Dell Computer in Copenhagen, 1999. As a graduate student, Robert worked extra and recruited students as a student representative for the largest Swedish Union, HTF / Unionen.

Robert also worked for Lund University 2000, and 2002 with various IT support during his Graduate study period. After studies Robert worked as IT Manager & E-commerce developer 2004-2009.  Got  during these years also work experiences as Assistant Store Manager, Web Editor, Technical Freelance Journalist, Translator, Patent & Web Developer and Game Journalist.

Graduated as Master of Computer Science in 2009 at Lunds University with focus on Web/E-commerce, Usability & Publication systems, and Game & Apps Heuristics. Wrote a Master’s thesis in Computer Science and a Research thesis in Cognitive Science (Post Graduate level). Holds about 340 university credits, in 14 subjects (two Master degrees worth of study). Robert founded a Game Development Network group in 2009 and started in 1998 as student a kind of ‘Linked In’Professional Network, that he called ‘Connecting Visions’. The idea was more or less the same with professional profiles and connections, but a bit more specifically targeted to a certain collaboration project for online work. But in essence same idea. During his study time Robert also got the idea for Bluetooth. Only it did not exist as Bluetooth then. Robert described it as a short wave communication between the computer and his phone. He got the idea in between his many walks to the coffee/chocolate machine and the computer while he was a computer science student at Lund University and online on FICS as a computer operator. He wanted to have his chat connection active while he walked away. He told two people about it who was in the computer hall the same day he got the idea, one was a Sony Ericsson PHD student, the other was a computer student friend. He asked the PHD student how to solve the shortwave communication as he was into this field. About a year later, Bluetooth was developed in a house some hundred meters from where Robert used to sit (Sony Ericsson).

Shift from Sales & IT Management to Journalism, Content, Design, Branding & Management Strategy

After studies, Robert helped building up a motorcycle import company’s e-commerce and IT-infrastructure where he worked with both Sales and IT – Management and had the role as assisting Store Manager.  He then worked as IT Manager and E-commerce Manager for a Publishing Company, in Helsingborg.

Following that he worked as a Content Manager where he worked with printed and online Sales & Marketing Content, Website Management/Copy writing/Art Directing and Translation for an international software company based in Helsingborg.

Recent years (15), Robert has worked with E-commerce, Translation, Content Management, Web Marketing, Web Strategy, Branding, Translation, Copywriting/Art Directing, in companies in Helsingborg, and later with Digital Content, Technical Research and Business intelligence in the role as a Content, News and Community Manager, senior member of a R&D team in an international Touchless/Gesture software technology company in Malmö, Sweden.

Robert has worked in close cooperation with CTO/CEO & other executives, since the company was founded. Robert played a supporting role in the seeding process and selection/testing of core technology while the company was still in founding/experimental phase. (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Creative writing) (Web Content, PR Content, Copy) (Design)

Managing AI Expert Groups online

In his free time, Robert, manage as founder/moderator/top contributor, specialized Linked-In groups in fields as Touchless/Gesture technology, Problem Solving & Artificial Intelligence with prominent worldwide Touchless/Gesture & AI professionals as members that interact with the posted material on a regular basis.

Robert has also since 2010, been in the role as Social Media Co-Manager of SAIS/the Swedish AI Society based in Linköping, during his free time and post regularly articles about the field of AI and Swedish/worldwide AI research.

Robert is also an avid tester of the Magnus Carlsen Chess App. Robert has found many playing/functional problems with the app & engine and reported it through the apps user system, making way for the system to be far robuster, more creative and stronger as a result. The Magnus Carlsen App playing-strength is far beyond of Deep Thought and Deep Blue in 1997 beating Garry Kasparov. It is, no doubt, the best Magnus playing style simulator and the most humanly playing chess app in the world. It is based on the world’s currently strongest chess engine – Stockfish with an ELO of around 3300 (Magnus Carlsen, himself has en ELO of 2880 and is the current world champion and the worlds highest ranked player). Robert has won against all levels up till Magnus became a grandmaster with his universal chess opening system and is therefore one of the potential participants in the Live Challenge Competition that could get selected to play Magnus live. Robert’s goal is to beat all levels with his universal system and present all the winning games in the book he is writing, where he explains the games and the system in detail.

Global Chess and Problem Solving Academy

Robert founded a global chess academy for helping poor kids in the world become professional chess players and skilled creative thinkers, that can develop their surroundings and solve problems in their environments with the loyal help from their chess family of bright developed creative and critical thinkers. Robert believes (by own experience) that chess is a great foundation for any child’s education but also a great tool for their critical thinking helping them make the world and especially their own local poor worlds, a better place. To be able to break the world poverty Robert believe we need to keep the brainpower in the areas that need the development, education, creative critical thinking.

Please read and share about Robert’s life commitment, to make the world more equal and break the World Poverty globally, step by step through the way of Dreamrealist’s chess & problem solving models. Robert has good hopes that the Global Chess Academy of Chess Fighters vs World Poverty will get crowdfunding and donations from generous world improvers like Bill Gates and/or the likes of him. The Crowdfunding phase will start as soon as all stepping stones are thorougly documented and envisioned. Most likely before or just after Christmas 2015. (Problem solving thesis, methods etc) (Lateral Management)

Robert started his Global charity work, in honor and spirit of his Indian mother and Swedish (God) mother who were and are very kindhearted people, rolemodels, real world angels, that this world needs more of.

Movie worker by chance & passion

In his free time, holidays/vacations, evenings, Robert pursues his scriptwriter, photographer and actor career ever since he got the chance to work as a partner/co-worker/movie still photographer with film director Vipin Krishnan and crew of eMotion Pictures in 2011, Melattur, Kerala. Robert assisted in a Sweden – Bollywood film co-production, in Bjuv at Vrams Gunnarstorp Castle, Sweden, December 2011, with the title:’1920 Evil Returns’. In his free time, Robert helps movie people all over the world with scripts, branding, marketing, production through his various skills, whenever possible and chance is given. Robert hopes he will be able to work full time with movies for a period, sometime in the future.

Robert grew up and was educated in Sweden with Swedish parents/friends and has assimilated back his Indian origins through his travels back to his home country and biological family roots. He is now both a Swede and an Indian at heart by culture and by experience.

Robert has been credited as Scriptwriter and Actor in Mother’s day (2011) and as Photographer in Venom and Mother’s day (2011) by eMotion Pictures, Vipin Krishnan. Together with his closest friends, he runs a movieblog to keep track of all the movies they watch and study on a daily, weekly basis, in their free time. Robert dreams about making thoughtworthy, passionate films that change the world to a better place, and have many script ideas cooking for that eventual chance in the future to make them come alive. Feel welcome to contact him about it.