Open CMS for organisations, companies and entrepreneurs

The Web 2.0 technology has created conditions for entirely different kinds of websites for organizations, companies, and entrepreneurs. The new technology has made it possible for organizations and companies to produce their content themselves on a dynamic website with high interactivity and multifunctionality. These possibilities give advantages compared to the earlier, rather fixed, static websites. Now the expert in a field can himself write his or her own content on a dynamic content management system (CMS) without the need for expensive web consultants as middlemen. This new technology has also given rise to a new kind of web entrepreneur, who now can get their business idea out more rapidly in an efficient and pragmatic way.

The purpose of this thesis is to bring clarity to what options (open CMSs) to commercial CMSs exist and see what possibilities these can give an entrepreneur, a company or an organization. Eight (8) open CMSs are studied in detail and compared to each other with respect to web design factors, search engine optimization, and underlying technology. The purpose of the thesis is furthermore to provide a number of guidelines in relation to these different aspects and also to shed light on the role of the webmaster in the development of a website with these attributes.

Finally, this work also serves as an analysis for the reference company for which the author of the thesis has introduced e-commerce for the last 4 years and which is now about to take the next step of changing to a dynamic content management system with integrated web shop.