Here are some of the projects, ideas, tasks or assignments, I have had the chance to work with. I have learned important things from each project.

IT Projects

  • >>IT-project<< (“Future tent”), Malmö festivalen, HSB AB, 1996.
  • Motor & Scootercity, IT Infrastructure, web and e-commerce build up of a motorcycle import company. 2004-2008. (network map below)
  • E-commerce strategy & profile analysis for a mediumsized publishing company in the food industry. 2009.
  • Partner projects & Concept Development, Web & Patent Development Company in Helsingborg. 2009.
  • CMS Development, development of a universal CMS system. Partner project. 2009
  • AI Research Community Web Site, Partner project. 2009

Blog & Community Projects

  • Student Community Site, (Archived), 2000?
  • Smartphone Blog & Review site (Archived), 2002?
  • Remote Chess Teaching Service & Blog (With Skype). 2004. (not active)
  • Dating site for all agegroups. Open Source based, (Archived), 2006.
  • Vintage Media Community & Store, DigitalBazar, (Archived), 2007.
  • Vintage Digital products E-store. OS Commerce based (Archived), 2007.
  • Mindmap & Thinkware blog, WordPress based, (In English), 2009
  • CMS info & review Blog/Site, EZ Publish based, (under construction), 2009
  • Web Service & Software review blog, WordPress, (in Swedish), 2009
  • IT-community, Google Wave based, (under reconstruction, in Swedish), 2009

Think Tank & Network projects

  • Connecting Visions, Network of Worldwide IT professionals & students, 1997. (not active)
  • Café Ariman Chess Club, Lund, 2002. (not active)
  • AIA Social Games Dev. Group, 2009

GUI, test & review projects

  • Javachess (Java chess applet application at FICS, Ola Melén), 1996.)
  • CCLient, Plotinus, FICS (Free internet chess server), 2001.
  • Crafty/Killerchess (Chess computer operator at FICS), 1999-2003.
  • >>Assignment report<< Checkers program, Applied AI, 2000.
  •, website review, 2003.
  • Hugskott &, betatesting of web and mobile concepts for Hugskott, 2009-09.

Programming projects:

  • Javachess Client, FICS, 1996.
  • AI robot project, 2000.
  • Checkersprogram, Checkspeare, 2001.
  • Killerchess (Chesscomputer engine based on Crafty), 1999-2003.

(under development at various levels)

  • Universal CMS Development, Remote project. PHP, 2009
  • Chessprogram for Android and iPhone. (Open source project). 2009
  • Social Games Development for web market.  Partner project/Dev Group Project in Flash & Java. 2009
  • AI-based Web application for global market. Partner project. 2009
  • Global chess content server. Typo3, Hobby project. 2009

Games and multimedia projects

  • >>Sherlock Holmes game<< A webbased HTML game and a tribute to Sherlock Holmes, Edward de Bono and the art of problemsolving, 1995.
  • Game prototypes for Social Game market. Partner project. 2009
  • Board game mockups. 2009

Papers & Essays (samples in Swedish)

  • >>Intelligenta agenter i spelet Age of Kings<<  supervised by Eric Astor, Department of Computerscience,  AI department, Lund University, 2000
  • >>Schackresan genom sagolandskapet<< A proposal for a pedagogic project to raise childrens sense of security and selfconfidence at a young age.  (Förslag till pedagogiskt projekt för ökande av barns trygghet och självförtroende) 2009-06
  • Winning Business essay, “Framgångsrecept för teknikföretag”, (supervisors: Teknopol and Department of natural sciences, Lund University, 2000. (only available as draftversion).

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Masters thesis  (in English)

Post Graduate thesis  (in English)

Tradepress – interviews and webarticles (Swedish samples)

Tradepress and webarticles – Startup, Gaming etc (samples in English)

Interviews  (samples in English)

Copywriting & Creative Directing/Art Directing

Granted Scholarships

My archived websites at

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Webprojects (archived)

  • An IT user community, based on PHP Nuke. (Archived)
  • – IT-support  – Business & site
  • – Store & E-commerce project
  • – Digital market/Store and E-commerce project

Network & systemadmin work:

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Translation Samples

Graphics & Logos

Other documented skills

  • >>Swedish Stock championships<< Swedish Stock championships, 2002, 51 and 71th place of 50000+ portfolios entering the competition.
  • Pokertournament results (will be available ASAP)