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Welcome to my work oriented website. My ambition is to gather relevant & documented references for work projects, job applications or job possibilities I will be involved in or encounter in my professional career. Here is my short presentation:


M.Sc. Robert Saravanan Hedlerfog

Areas of professional practice:

– Content

Journalism. Creative Content. Content Management & Writing. Documenting & Reporting. Social Media. Press-release & News. Business Intelligence Reports. R&D Reports. Blogging, Photography. Photojournalism. Interviews, Copywriting. Scriptwriting. Documentation & Manuals. Tri-lingual Translation.

– Analysis, various

Business Intelligence, Organization, Sales, R&D Intelligence, E-Commerce, Start-up, Market, Branding & Management Analysis. Social Media, IT, Web Presence & Usability, Content Management, Consumer Insight & AI Heuristics Analysis.

– Tech Specialist fields

Web & App Usability, Touchless Technology. AI Heuristics in Games & Applications. IT-Tech & Gaming. Social Media. Cloud based Services. Content Management Systems. Application Support. Facebook & Linked In.

(33+ years of IT experience, 20+ years of  Web experience, 30+ years of Game/Application AI experience, 6+ years of Touchless Experience)

– Design

Usability Analysis. Art/Creative Direction. Innovation/Concept Design. Game Design. Creative Photography & Photo Processing. UX/UI Design & Support. Fashion Design. General Innovation, Design & Construction.

– Management, in-house

Content-, Startup Branding-, News & Community-, Social Media-, Business Intelligence-, Company Website-  &  Web Marketing Management. CEO/CTO Support & Sounding Board. Marketing Director Support & Sounding Board. Sales Director Support. Office Manager Support. R&D Support & Sounding Board. Test Manager Support. Recruitment Support.

– Management Consulting, External

Management Consulting & Research. Content Management. Web Marketing Management. Consumer Insight Analysis. Startup Management. Lateral Management. CEO/CTO Support & Sounding Board. Marketing Director Support & Sounding Board. Sales Director Support & Sales. Office Management Support. R&D Research & Sounding Board. Testing & Test Manager Support. Recruitment Consulting.

– Academic fields

AI & Cognitive Research Scientist at Post Graduate Level. Specialized at AI in Games and Applications, General and IT Related Problem Solving and Web Tech, Web Usability, Web Content Strategy & Content Management Systems.

Academic info:

Masters Degree in Computer & Cognitive Science, Lund University, 2009

(7,5 years of academic studies (15 semesters, 20+ various subjects – full time or parallel with practice/work)

Focus: Content Writing & Content Management Systems, Usability, E-Commerce.

Postgraduate Research level in Cognitive Science.
Focus: AI in Games & Apps, General & IT Based Problem Solving (Heuristics), Web Usability & Content Strategy


Seeding, Innovation & Project Visions, Lateral Management, Sounding Board Skills, Problem Solving, Strategy, Planning and Organization, AI in Games and Apps, Cloud based Work-tools, Content Management, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Storytelling. Usability, QC in Games & Apps. E-commerce, Web & Mobile Technology, Technical Writing, Documentation & Translation.

Profile info:

Robert is a Creative Writer, Content Management Professional & Copywriter, specialized in producing targeted content (text, photography, film), online and offline, in various subjects, to promote a company, an organization or a brand.

Furthermore, Robert is an AI for Games and Applications Analyst, a Social Media Professional and a Web & Touchless Technology Usability Specialist.

Robert has continuous professional experience of digital technology since the era of home computers & through many internet based/entrepreneurial projects and have/had various roles in the IT sector ranging from Content Management/Technical writing/Copywriting to Translation, IT support to Sales, IT Management to Strategy, Lateral Management, Branding and more.

In addition, he has freelance experience as Scriptwriter and Photographer for eMotion Pictures and various, as Designer and Copywriter for Crunchfish/Hugskott and various, as Technical Writer in various mobile tech/IT-tech paper- and online press, as Game Reporter for GDN/various and as CMS Consultant/Co-Editor for Swedish AI Society and as Betatester for tech & game companies world wide. (Wolfram|Alpha, Google, Voddler, Spotify etc.)

In his free time, he enjoys among other things, writing (fiction and poetry), music & movie making, movies, singing, dancing, acting, mountain & motorbiking, basket ball, jogging, traveling, photo-hiking as well as playing Chess, Go, Scrabble & various computer & board games.


  • All sites, projects at this website are worksamples and hobbyprojects only, thus separated rigourously from my daytime duties.

If you find information/fact/statement that is not correct due to typo, misunderstanding or mistake, please let me know so I can adjust accordingly. Thank you in advance!

Yours sincerely,

Robert Saravanan Hedlerfog

Helsingborg, Sweden